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What is In-Home Counseling?

In-Home counseling services are therapy services provided by a licensed therapist in the client’s home. This type of service is reminiscent of the house calls physicians would make in days past.


Is In-Home Counseling right for our family?

There are several factors that families have used in the past to determine if In-Home services are appropriate for them: 


Schedules:  It allows for flexibility in scheduling appointments.
Privacy: It allows for greater privacy, rather than going to a therapist’s office.
Safety:  It can ease anxieties about therapy, as it occurs on the client’s "home turf."
Comfort: It is just a more "homey" environment than the clinical atmosphere of an office.
Convenience: It is very helpful for individuals whose health issues make them homebound. 


Clinical Specialities 

  • Family Therapy
    • Parent / Child conflict
    • Behavior problems
  • School Adjustment
    • Behavior management
  • Marital Therapy
    • Relationship issues
    • Pre-marital counseling
    • Marriage reconciliation
    • Affair recovery
  • Depression
    • Grief and loss
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Abuse Survivors
    • AttachmentAdoption / Foster care
    • Sexual abuse


In-Home Counseling

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